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” jolly righteous surreal calm inviting.. “

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There i was,. looking for a slogan, a tag line.

There i was,. suddenly hearing something.

I thought,… there i was,.

super cala fragi lis tic ex p

xp… wasn’t that an operating system for computers?


YouTuBe so RuLeD before it got all,. ” gooey “

sN I cKeR ?

Oh sTop.. theres your clue goo!

No GoO.. in YouTuBe!

Smile a little smile for me,. rose.. rose ?

Now there is a blossoming iDea!

Why not domain name base for yourself

a domain based wordpress and,

build a website around all of your favorite tunes,. and

the era that it all connects!

Say iT BesT with the DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!

Domain Based Domaining.. domainer,. the RaGe!

It iS,. Time to get ONLINE 

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